FTA Worthy Causes

In each of the countries we visit there are programs worth supporting and we have some with special connections and others we know of and believe in. Some of these programs have volunteer components where you can be personally involved if you are visiting a host country.

Below you will find a links to some great projects and we thank you for supporting any that seem close to your heart!

Danielle Children Fund

DCF’s mission is to accompany children in need and their families in Ecuador and Nepal, re-establishing and maintaining the link between the child and it’s family. FTA has spent time with the program's base in Ecuador and we are very impressed by the dedication of the staff and the quality of the program.

They are expanding operations in Nepal as well and we think they are a terrific organization. Visit their website to see more about their projects! http://www.daniellechildrensfund.org


Gerard McDonnell Fund

Gerard McDonnellIn 2006 we had the distinct pleasure of having Gerard join our team for our attempt on K2 and he became a good friend to many people on our team and organization. In 2008 he summited K2 only to lose his life on descent while coming to the aid of other climbers. A fund has been established in his memory with the very worthy cause of assisting the children of the lost Pakistani and Nepalese climbers who also lost their lives in the tragic events which unfolded.

We encourage you to read more below and support the Gerard McDonnell Memorial Fund at the Mountain Fund site.


Read more: Gerard McDonnell Fund

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