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    Mountain Photography Tips

    Taking great images in the world's biggest mountain ranges isn't rocket science, nor is it the sole domain of professional photographers. This series of articles is a crash course, and assumes you have already mustered the basics of taking a decent 35mm image. Articles and images by FTA Principal Dave Hancock.

    Gear and Film

    Dave uses a combination of Kodachrome 25 and Fugi Velvia slide films. His camera bag holds a Nikon F3, a Nikon F5 (both 35mm film formats), four various Nikon ED lenses from a prime 24mm to a 28-200 zoom, and a SB-24 Nikon flash. Note most of his best images were taken on the older F3, the F5 being a relatively new, and very expensive, addition to his kit that he has yet to get any real use from. Dave will be undertaking 2 Himalayan trips within the next 3 months and plans on giving the new camera a 'good working over".

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