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Altitude: 8,611M/28,250ft Location: Karakoram, Pakistan


Dates: 10 June - 14 August, 2014

Price: 18,250usd for Broad Peak & K2 full mountain support

BC services only USD$7750 for K2 only, USD$11,750 for K2 and Broad Peak BC services only


Base camp support, helicopter, medical and approach support (with or without permit inclusion) is also available as a separate option for experienced (only) independent teams – please contact us for details.

Inclusions:  All services Islamabad – Islamabad

Positions Open: 15 per trip

please note: The K2 component of the expedition is by invitation only, with the application process being open likely only until the month of March. Later applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Thank you.


FTA and K2

This will be our 10th expedition to Broad Peak and fifth to K2 and will be led by a highly experienced team of western guides and local HAPs. We have extensive experience in the Karakorum, running more expeditions and treks here than any other operator in the world, and will be engaging the most sought after and qualified Pakistani HAPs. In 2006 we had a number of members reach to near the 8000m mark on K2 and in 2009, 2010 & 2011 members reached the shoulder by way of the Cessen. In the course of these expeditions we have gained a significant knowledge of the mountain. We look forward to applying all that we learned to our fifth effort in 2012.

Why K2/Broad Peak with FTA?

No other operator has the recent experience or history that we do on Broad Peak and K2, and our expeditions have proven her to be a good first time venue for aspiring 8000m alpinists, with reasonable summit rates if the weather is clement. This program has been priced to give climbers an affordable opportunity to test their skills and endurance on arguably mountaineering’s greatest objective: K2. If you aspire to climb classic Himalayan 8,000ers, in a remote and stunning setting, and with quality back-up and expert leadership, then we invite your application for this once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

High Altitude Warning

During the ultra high altitude components of our 8000m expeditions (climbing legs above 7000m) the member accepts and fully understands that the level and quality of support and guidance is exponentially reduced the higher the member/team goes. Climbing on the world’s highest peaks is a potentially dangerous undertaking, and while we operate with safety as the highest priority, and have enjoyed a fatality free 14 year history in Pakistan, it must be understood by members that there are risks and dangers that neither leaders or members have any control over. Members need to be aware of these risks and accept their presence as being inherent to the pursuit of the world’s highest summits

The Cesen Route (SSE Spur) on K2

This season our first route preference, if the conditions are good, will once again be via the Cesen Route – the lesser climbed SSE spur first claimed by Alpinist Tomo Cesen. The Slovenian was climbing without a permit, so there was no publication about the new line and relatively little information has circulated about it in the years since.

The 4000 meter long Cesen route (also dubbed the ‘Basque route’ or ‘Spanish Route’), follows a spur, just on the right side of the South face, which leads to the shoulder at 7800m, where it joins the Abruzzi Spur route, above camp 3. It has been said that the route is technically slightly more demanding than the Abruzzi, but safer if the conditions are good. If conditions don’t favor the Cesen on our arrival, the expedition will have the flexibility to alter routes.

Regardless of the route we will be on, the style of our climb will require that members are able to take an active part in preparing the route above C2 and carrying a share of the tent/stove/fuel loads. Based on the experiences of the last two trips all members or our team will be expected to acclimatize on Broad Peak up to a minimum of C3 before moving onto the Cesen Route.

Joining The Expedition & Further Information

If you are interested in joining our expedition we invite you to click on the “join this trip” link below and complete the booking form. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Please note the K2 component of the expedition is by invitation only, with the application process being open likely only until the month of March. Later applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Thank you.

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