How to Book a Trip

Booking a trip online with Field Touring Alpine

In order to book a place as a member on one of our trips please

1. Read carefully the terms and conditions below
2. Then fill in the online form

One of our office staff will be in touch with you shortly after to confirm your position and begin helping you with the details of completing deposits, arranging arrival dates, insurance and all the rest.

You may make a deposit online by credit card/Paypal please see our PayPal page for more more information.

Should you experience any trouble with the online booking system please contact us immediately at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We thank you for joining us and look forward to making your trip a great one!

Terms and Conditions

1. Organisation
Field Touring Alpine (hereafter referred to as FTA) is permitted to arrange ground based organisation and logistics as a guiding agency under a specific agreement with the Ministry of Fair Trading (WA). In that respect it is permitted to accept funds from members of tours, expeditions and treks for depositing into its own account. FTA is not a registered Travel Agent, and cannot book air fares nor trade in any other generic travel product. In this respect all ticketing matters are handled by our nominated licensed travel agency THE HOLIDAY STOP Northbridge (lic 9TA 1022), whom are members of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents. All payments for air fares and ground service are held in trust compliant with the terms and requirements of the AFTA legislation which provides protection to members of the traveling public.

2. Limitations
Members participating on overseas programs acknowledge fully that these programs contain inherent risks, not limited to but including itinerary changes, strikes, transport delays, and the like. They further accept that these risks are an integral part of adventure travel and agree in full and without limitation to indemnify FTA against any action arising out of same.

2.1 Members of programs also accept the sometimes difficult nature of the programs, and the exposure to members and managers and staff to risks including altitude sickness and bacterial infection. It is fully understood and accepted that in the event any member is forced to discontinue his/her participation on the program, including reasons of personal choice, then no future claim on any unused portion of the program, or any services attached therewith, will be considered. Further, any early departure from any program is at the expense of the member, and no consideration can be given to claim for any such costs from funds paid for and intended for the standard schedule and program.

3. Payments and deposits
Trekking programs require a deposit payment of US$750. Unless otherwise directed climbing programs under 8000m require a deposit of US$1500 and 8000m peaks a 2500usd deposit. Positions can be reserved by completing the trip registration form and forwarding the deposit to FTA. Consideration can be given to members requiring to pay smaller deposits and to making extended payments if circumstances require and at the discretion of FTA.

3.1 Surcharges and bank expenses
The member understands and accepts that any costs associated with the transference and receipt of funds into the FTA bank account, including but not limited to bank fee’s, PayPal fees, surcharges, and the like are the responsibility of the member and will be included in the final statement of cost to be met by the member. In addition the member accepts that a surcharge on the cost of the trip, not exceeding 10% of the value of the ground services of the program, may be levied within 4 weeks to departure in the event of any unexpected costs being borne by the company in the organisation and execution of the program. This levy also accounts for currency fluctuations and exchange variations that need to be met by the company in the issuance of funds to overseas destinations.

3.2 Payment by Visa card
Members may pay accounts, including deposits, by Visa or MasterCard if they wish. Please note that due to the low cost nature of our programs we will need to add that surcharge cost of 2.5% to your account.

4. Cancellation by a member
Please note the following applies to trip cancellations. Notice of intent must be communicated to us via written letter, fax or email (in the case of email please request a read receipt and retain our response)

Cancellation more than 60 days before the expedition starts – loss of deposit.
Between 29 and 59 days before the expedition starts – 50% refund of full trip price.
Between 00 and 28 days before the expedition starts – no refund

In the event that you must cancel we will make every attempt to apply some or all of your funds to a future trip.

5. Cancellation by FTA
FTA reserves the right to cancel the program and return deposits in full in the event that insufficient applications are received to make the tour economically viable. Please note that since 2001, in excess of 90% of our programs have operated according to schedule. We will make every endeavor to accommodate you on another program of your choosing if you wish, and or to advise you of a likely cancellation before 45 days prior to departure.

6. Amendments and changes to the program
FTA reserves the right to alter or change any trip feature, service schedule, staff, arrangements for travel or accommodation, or any other products or services attached to the expedition for any reason it sees fit. Such changes will be consulted with members in an effort to gain a group consensus and in order to find suitable alternatives. Adventure travel and expeditioning is an exceptionally dynamic recreational pursuit, please understand and accept that changes brought on by influences beyond our control are occasionally required.

7. Risk and responsibility limitations
High altitude climbing, extreme and remote based wilderness trekking, and alpine touring contain significant inherent risks. FTA uses all due care and diligence in the provision of services during the tour. Members of the tours use such services and facilities at their own risk. Our programs specifically seek out to provide an elemental level of service and support to the independent styled adventurer, and we endeavor to provide as large a safety net as possible during the program. During the ultra high altitude components of our 8000m expeditions (climbing legs above 7000m) the member accepts and fully understands that the level and quality of support and guidance is exponentially reduced the higher the member/team goes. No liability for any accident, loss, damage or death, or expense, is accepted or entertained, unless that liability is brought about by proven negligence and is determined and covered under Australian Common Law. Members fully accept and understand the inherent risks associated with high altitude climbing, wilderness and long distance trekking, and adventure and off piste skiing, and accept those risks as a condition of their joining the trip.

8. Trip authority and veto
Signing the booking form signifies your acceptance of the Expedition Leader’s authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals. The Expedition Leader is authorised by FTA to make all decisions regarding the operation of the program. This extends to removing or declining the opportunity for any member to climb/ski or trek if the Leader believes that a person or persons health is at risk, if an illegal act is committed, or behavior may become, or has been, detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well-being of the group. On climbing expeditions, unless prior arrangements have been made with FTA for members to climb independently, or sufficient evidence has been displayed of a level of experience that will allow independent climbing or a solo summit bid, then the leader retains absolute right of veto over any summit bid. Any covert defiance of this signifies your departure from the program in full and our subsequent release of responsibility over you.

9. Insurance
Insurance cover is required for all expeditions, except Aconcagua expeditions. You are advised to have insurance that covers you for all of the activities to be undertaken, including adequate insurance for mountaineering including cover for search, helicopter rescue and medical repatriation. While we cover the initial responsibility for helicopter evac in Pakistan and Nepal, members understand that any such costs need to be reimbursed within 30 days of their return to their home country.

10. Finality
FTA’s capacity as organiser is limited to providing the ground based services and logistics and administration of these services, it is not an air carrier or supplier of transport services in any form. Such suppliers including airline carriers and travel agents may have limitation on their liability for which FTA has not entered into any contract for and for which FTA cannot be held accountable for. The information and past experiences of FTA would indicate that these services are of an acceptable and suitable quality however we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any exchanged or substituted products or services or performance.

10.1 These terms and conditions can only be waived in writing by a company director of FTA. These terms and conditions are subject to and pursuant of Australian Common Law.

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